The Art of the Meal

The Art of the Meal

Having cultivated exceptional working relationships and friendships  with food vendors over the years the Burke Brothers have the esteemed  privilege and pleasure of choosing fresh local ingredients from generations of family managed wholesalers that help drive our creative process, signature dishes and dinner specials. Quality purveyors like Allen Brothers in Chicago, Porky Products, Inc. in New Jersey, and Samuel's & Sons Seafood out of Philadelphia are just a few we would like to praise as they continue to bring us the best possible products out there from their table to yours.

Our menus feature a selection of unique plates, big and small, delicious house-made pastas, a variety of sides for the table to share and super fresh seafood. Our DB signature's and fan faves such as the 'Maple Bacon on a Clothesline', the Octopus & Chorizo Kebabs, Pastrami Smoked Salmon, and the legendary US Patented Salt-Aged Prime Beef like our 34oz. 40-Day Salt-Aged Porterhouse for two continue to please and inspire awe day in and day out.

Our Culinary Team works very hard to cater to every need of every guest without question. All you have to do is ask. Through effective communication between our team members, menu knowledge, and weekly education thus ensuring flawless execution. From a simple request to substitute a vegetable, to the acknowledgment of an aversion or allergy can help us maneuver your request with confidence, professionalism, and respect. We ask that you call the restaurant directly (732.530.9760) or send an inquiry to our management team should there be a specific or severe request that deserves extra special attention.

Guests often ask about a kids menu...Here is what we tell them...Children of all ages are always welcome to dine at DRIFTHOUSE. Although our younger clientele has a more refined palate than most we welcome all to enjoy our house-made pastas with gluten and nut-free preparations are always at the ready. Even simply prepared meals with delicious wholesome ingredients have found their way into a child's heart (and belly). Chicken Tenders with fries? You got it. A Cheeseburger hold the LTO? How would little David and Robert like them cooked?

With the addition of Executive Pastry Chef Stuart Marx we have elevated our pastry program to the highest level of excellence. The passion he puts into his signature creations is mind-blowing. We'll give you two clues...Toasted Coconuts & Chocolate'll have to come in and taste the difference a pastry chef makes for yourself.

It's our mission at DRIFTHOUSE by David Burke to always respect the art of the meal. To appreciate the ever-changing trends in food and beverage. To reach for the sky (and cocktail tray) as we explore what tomorrow will bring.

Chef David Burke said it best...

"A quality dining experience should be flavorful, beautiful and memorable, and that is what we will strive for every day.
It’s a real treat to work with my talented brother, Chef Robert Burke, and together we should be a tour de force on the Jersey Shore.” 

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